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Are you a condominium administrator and require a break, organization and/or need support? The condo manager is your allie in decision making by providing a full expertise in building management.

A condo manager is a tool to lighten your workload and to keep administration members informed. The primary purpose of the condo manager is to enhance the condominium life experience especially for board members. Administrators can become overwhelmed and even lost with decision taking in extremely difficult circumstances. What if a co-owner does not pay his or her condo fees? Can we use the foresight funds to compensate for the losses? Who must I call in case of water damage? A manager will guide you at the same time give you access to the network of all the professionals with the most competitive prices on the market. 

At Gestion VSP, our team is qualified, competent and efficient. Having more than 10 years of management experience and having worked in architectural offices, we are the experts you need.

Our team has a vision of harmony for your condo lifestyle