Gestion de copropriété
Gestion vsp

Control loss of the developer
(transfer of the association to the co-owners)
- starting from $ 22 / door * -

Definition according to the Civil Code of Québec (CCQ)

1104 - The board of directors must convene a special meeting of the co-owners for the election of a new board of administrators within 90 days after the developer of a co-ownership no longer holds a majority of votes at the meeting their will be an election for a new board of administrators.
If the meeting is not called within 90 days, any co-owner may do so.
              (​This law is translated from French. If their is discrepencies the french version primes.)
Services offered by Gestion VSP

  • Help with the pre reception of the common areas
  • Prepare, convoke and assit assembly meeting
  • Draw up  minutes for the association
  • Compile votes
  • Facilitate the transition 
  • Eliminate unwanted clauses that may restrain the co-owners from the regulations of the condo that the promoter may have included to his advantage
  • The condo manager assures the completion of the work done by the promoter of the common areas

* Monthly fees. Those fees may be variable depending on the quantity of units.  Taxes not included. Fees for 2018.