Gestion de copropriété
Gestion vsp
condo building


Laws of the CCQ(Quebec civil code)
1039 - The co-owners' community constitutes, as soon as the declaration of co-ownership is published, a legal person whose object is the conservation of the building, the maintenance and administration of the common parts, the safeguarding of the rights relating to the building or to the joint ownership, as well as all operations of common interest.
It takes the name of association.

1072 - The contribution of the co-owners to the provident fund is at least 5% of their contribution to the common expenses.

1073 -The association has an insurable interest in the entire building, including the units.
(This laws are translated from French. If their is any discrepencies the french version primes.)
Provident fund
The minimum contribution to the provident fund recommended by the CCQ (5%) is not sufficient in general. It is important to do a background study of foresight by a professional firm to ensure that your forecasts will be adequate when needed.

Condo manager insurance
             Verify that your manager is insured for civil liability before signing a contract with the                        latter.