Gestion de copropriété
Gestion vsp

Full management
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Administrative management
  • Attend board meetings with administrators and prepare minutes according to the frequency established by the parties
  • Prepare, convoke and attend the annual general meeting with the co-owners
  • Keep records in accordance with the requirements of the Declaration and the Act
  • Enforce the rules in accordance with the declaration of condominium regulations
  • Promptly resolve requests received by co-owners
  • Coordinate disputes between co-owners
  • Manage and administer the insurance contract
  • Supervise condominium staff 

Financial management
  • Maintain and complete accounting records for the condominium
  • Provide financial statements to administrators according to the frequency established between the parties
  • Collect common fees and special fees
  • Prepare reminders to collect arrears
  • Prepare payments for suppliers
  • Establish and present the estimated annual budget for consultation
  • Manage Contingency Fund Investments
  • Send government reports on a yearly basis

Building Management
  • Negotiate maintenance contracts
  • Inspect the building regularly (according to the frequency established between the parties)
  • Supervise the work of suppliers and subcontractors
  • Keep track of the Maintenance Book / Asset Management Program tracking based on independent professional expertise
  • Provide 24/7 call service